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Police: Man was naked, with stolen cheese [Jun. 25th, 2010|04:44 pm]

DOWNTOWN CINCINNATI (Thursday, June 24, 2010) – The police report on Darrell Bess was succinct.

Clothing description: Naked.

Offenses: Public indecency, theft, carrying a concealed weapon.

According to police and court records, Bess, 52, was found unclothed standing at the men’s room sink in the Cincinnati Public Library by police at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. When they searched Bess’ bag, police said they found a 4-pound chunk of cheese allegedly stolen from Silverglade’s Cheese & Sausage In Findlay Market.

He also had two knives and some DVDs that belonged to the Vine Street library branch. 

Police arrested him Wednesday on charges of public indecency; carrying a concealed weapon; knowingly trespassing; theft and receiving stolen property. A judge ordered Best to stay away from the library.

Bess, who is homeless, has been arrested numerous times.

In court on Thursday, Bess was fully clothed.